Housing & Facilities in Nantes

Experience first-hand French life, living near the center of Northwest France’s major metropolis

The Summer Academy in Nantes is housed at the Blanche de Castille, a day and boarding school located a short bus ride from the bustling city center. The campus is completely enclosed and the buildings center around a quiet campus green. You’d never guess that it is so close to the heart of the city!

Academy students will live and take all their classes on-campus. Part of the college prep experience you’ll have at the Academy is living in a dorm. Rooms are comfy and recently renovated. You’ll live in a single room (and all rooms have private en suite bathrooms), and will be on a floor with other students close to you in age. Together, you’ll be part of a Living Group -- a sort of a home base for you over the course of the Academy. Each Living Group is overseen by an RE of the same gender, and every evening, you’ll meet to chat about the day, describing triumphs and challenges you may have faced, and wind down before bed. You’ll do other activities by Living Group, as well, both in the dorm and out.

Meals will be served cafeteria-style on-campus at Blanche de Castille. The cafeteria staff has lots of experience in planning menus for students, and can accommodate students with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Please contact MIL to discuss your particular situation.

During your free time, you’ll be able to enjoy the facilities on campus or go in small groups into the neighborhood. On-campus, there is a piano available for practicing; there is also a large gym where you can join friends for soccer, badminton, or basketball. For a more serious workout, drop by the fitness center and use the weights and machines. The campus also boasts a running trail.