Visiting Beijing

Visiting Beijing

Tips for visiting Beijing as part of our study abroad program in China.

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and has been Middlebury Interactive’s study abroad location in China for four years now. Beijing’s population is roughly 20 million, and the city proper is the third largest in the world. The city boasts extensive cultural and historic sites, including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.

Our Chinese Academy is located in Beijing at the Capital Normal University, which is known as one of China’s foremost foreign language teaching universities. This location serves as the backdrop to discover Beijing’s ancient history. Explore the traditions of this bustling city, while visiting local historical sites and engaging in many aspects of Chinese culture. Beijing is safe and easily explored on foot and by using public transportation. Local and regional history, economics, art and cuisine provide unlimited material for exploring Chinese language and culture.

One regret study abroad students often note is a lack of research and preparation before departing for a study abroad program. As the weeks draw closer to departing for Beijing, China, think about preparing yourself for what to expect upon arrival in Beijing. A few hours researching the history and culture of Beijing will help you adjust to a new way of living abroad in China. The more you prepare now, the better adjusted you will be when you arrive. Things are going to be different in China. You may have to modify your expectations about lifestyles, habits and customs of the Chinese. This is part of the value in studying abroad and gaining firsthand knowledge of a new culture.

Great Wall of China Beijing

Photo courtesy of M Thierry on Flickr