Summer Academy Blog

World Expo Wednesday with the Arabic Academy

July 17, 2019

Language: Arabic Location: Saint Michael’s College What the Arabic Academy did today: Last night, the Arabic Academy held a fabulous staff appreciation night. Students thanked RAs, teachers, and administrators for their hard work, and everyone... read more

World Expo Wednesday with the French Academy

July 17, 2019

Language: French Location: Saint Michael’s College What the French Academy did today: Today, the French Academy is wrapping up their second to last day of language classes. With two days left at the Academy, there are a few exciting events planned!... read more

Legends of Salamanca, the "Convento de San Esteban" and an Afternoon at the Pool

July 17, 2019

Language: Spanish Location: Salamanca What the Salamanca Academy did today: One of this morning’s Cultural Exploration Classes consisted of working on an arts & crafts workshop: students built characters and scenery from legends of... read more

Virelangues et bouffe (tongue twisters and food slang)

July 17, 2019

Don't forget our Call Home Time tonight from 8:30 to 10pm local time. Language: French Location: Nantes Since our last blog entry on Monday, the Nantes Academy has been quite busy. Tuesday morning, our two Level 3 classes partnered to hold... read more

A Sacred Art

July 17, 2019

Language: Chinese Location: Beijing The kids have been attending Chinese class and Cultural Exploration classes for the last few days. Not only that, but the kids have been attending some fun activities. First, the kids went to HouHai where they... read more