Summer Academy Blog

S’mores Soirée

June 29, 2014

A Saturday evening falls upon the French Academy, which calls for fun, laughter and s’mores. With a relaxed language pledge instituted for the night, the students enjoyed each other’s company while eating some marshmallows and chocolate and throwing a... read more

Teacher Profile - Luis Díaz

June 29, 2014

Luis is a native of Cantabria who has been living in Denver for 6 years. There, he has been directing the immersion program in Spanish at Denver Montclair International School. He has taught all kinds of subjects in immersion and drama. Before Denver,... read more

In Language Rehearsals for “Segismundo y Compañia”

June 29, 2014

Rehearsals have been under way for the Spanish Academy’s production of “Segismundo y Compañia” which translates into “Segisumdo and Company” in English. According to teacher Alena Davidoff-Gore, it is a play “that centers around a famous Spanish classic... read more

Teacher Profile - Susan Bennitt

June 29, 2014

Susan earned her BA and MA in Spanish studies from Middlebury College. After living and working as a global advertising executive in Madrid for 25 years, she and her three high school aged daughters moved to Connecticut to pursue... read more

Fun is in the Cards for Spanish Academy

June 29, 2014

Anyone who ventured past Walker Beach last night would have heard the excitement that was the Spanish Academy’s Casino Night! Aside from playing card games, students enjoyed the beautiful California evening and the sounds of everything from Shakira to... read more