World Expo Wednesday with the Spanish Academy

July 17, 2019

Language: Spanish

Location: Saint Michael’s College

What the Spanish Academy did today: Last night, the Spanish Academy held a fabulous talent show (photos above). Students, RAs, and teachers alike performed and made for a fun night. Today, the Spanish Academy is wrapping up their second to last day of language classes. With two days left at the Academy, there are a few exciting events planned! Tonight is our World Expo where all academies gather in the auditorium to show off their creative skills.

All month, students have been hard at work preparing for the Expo. Spanish students have prepared dances, telenovelas, and digital storytelling presentations. After the final day of classes tomorrow, students will have a graduation ceremony tomorrow night. After graduation, the Language Pledge will be lifted and all students will head to an all-academy final dance. Please keep an eye on our Facebook group for photos and videos from the Expo tonight! 

Today’s Schedule

7:30 am—Breakfast

9:00 am—Assembly

9:30 am—Class Block 1/break

10:30 am—Class Block 2/break

11:30 am—Class Block 3

12:30 pm—Lunch

1:30 pm—Cultural Exploration

3:45 pm—Activities/Exercise/Free time

5:30 pm—Dinner & Free Time

7:30 pm—World Expo

9:15 pm—Hall Meeting

10:30 pm—Lights out

Check back on Friday for our final blog!

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