Top 5 Moments from Week Three!

July 18, 2017

Greetings from Green Mountain College! The fourth and final week of our program here is now well underway, with many fun activities planned for this week. Students now are conducting their STAMP language comprehension tests, preparing for tomorrow's world expo, and continuing to keep the Language Pledge while they're here! 

However, while Week Three is now in the past, the awesome memories from it our still here in everyone's minds. Let's take a look now at some of those amazing memories that we created here at MIL over the past week! And in no particular order, here they are! 

#5: Uwe Kind's Concert with the German Academy

  • Last Monday, the German Academy hosted German musician Uwe Kind! Uwe Kind is well known on the internet for his funny, but also extremely entertaining (and educational!) songs in German. The German Academy had an incredible time dancing to Uwe's songs, and even practiced their German too! 

#4: The French Academy's Cultural Excursion

  • Las week, the French Academy explored the wonders of French cuisine at Cafe Provence! Here, they watched a demonstration of French cooking, and got to sample amazing Chicken Niçoise and Quiche! Finally, to close off the day, they enjoyed a fun beach day at Lake Dunmore! 

#3: Academy Field Trips to Middlebury! 

  • Last week, the academies here all traveled to Middlebury College in Vermont. During this time, they got an exclusive look at what the language schools are like at Middlebury, and enjoyed some fun academy-specific activities as well! 

#2: Bastille Day with the French Academy

  • Vive la Révolution! The French Academy had a special July 14th as they celebrated France's National Holiday! After overthrowing the Old Regime of the French Academy, they victoriously sang "La Marseillaise" and "La Fille du Regiment"! And that night, victory for Les Bleus became even sweeter as they enjoyed a celebratory banquet with cake, snacks, and patriotic cookies. Allez Les Bleus

#1: Albany Adventures with the Chinese Academy

  • Last Saturday, the Chinese Academy embarked to Albany on a day trip for the books! They took part in a myriad of activities here, from visiting an Asian supermarket, to enjoying authentic Chinese dishes for lunch, to learning more about New York's history at the State History Museum! And to make it even better, they even got some fun in the Sun at a beach day on the shores of Lake Grafton. All in all, it's hard to imagine a better day! 

We hope you've enjoyed this look at some of the exciting times from week three! However, even more exciting things will be happening throughout week four as well! Make sure to tune in on our Facebook page tomorrow at 6:30 pm (EST) for our Live Stream of tomorrow's World Expo! It's going to be incredible to watch the students show off what they've learned here. Hope to see you then! 

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