That's All Folks!

Graduation Day at GMC

July 20, 2017


Today was the official end of the French, German, and Chinese programs here at GMC. To cap off four amazing weeks here, all academies took part in one final event: the Graduation Ceremony. 

As all academy students filtered into the auditorium, the emotion and sentiment in the air was palpable. While many students seemed excited to finally complete their Language Pledge, bittersweet notes were clear as well. After four long weeks, the moment was finally here! 

The Language Directors from all three Academies then took to the stage to address their students. While each speech was different, all three directors congratulated the students for their progress on the language, and for successfully overcoming so many challenges. They empowered the students to continue challenging themselves in all things, especially in their language area. The speeches were beautiful, and roaring applause was heard all around! 

Then, students Erika Schwerdfeger (Chinese), Katie Macguire (French), and Iris Sabino (German) came and delivered monologues of their own. As with before, these speeches were beautifully written, congratulating and inspiring their classmates as they continue on their language learning journey. 

Once the students had finished speaking, the teachers from each academy took to the stage to hand out their diplomas. Students began taking to the stage to receive their diploma and congratulations from their teachers, signifying their completion of the Academy. And after that, the Language Pledge was finally lifted! 

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, students and staff made their way to the gym for one final dance! For two hours, students danced the night away, talked with all their new friends, and (especially) enjoyed speaking English again! 

And just like that - It's all over for this year. 

To check out videos of all the speeches tonight, as well as a photo album from today, head over to our Facebook page! And finally, it's been a pleasure to keep you up to date with our Academy here at Green Mountain College! 


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