Teacher Profile - Luis Díaz

June 29, 2014

Luis is a native of Cantabria who has been living in Denver for 6 years. There, he has been directing the immersion program in Spanish at Denver Montclair International School. He has taught all kinds of subjects in immersion and drama. Before Denver, Luis taught English to Spanish students (Reinosa, Spain) and Spanish to German students (Cologne, Germany). He has also travelled to other countries with his students from Denver and still hosts them through the summer. 

Luis speaks Spanish, English, French and German. As a ¨foreign language learner¨ he has a very empathetic teaching philosophy. He has taught students of all ages including our Middlebury group. 

Luis is an accredited IB teacher and shares a global point of view when it comes to learning and sharing. His previous experience in international contexts encourages him to embrace multicultural classes and perspectives.

Having grown up in Cantabria, Luis can share his culture and traditions with us from a very personal and experienced position. He loves Cantabria´s folk and history and he plays ¨pandereta¨ since he was a child (tambourine).