Hiking Highs and Alpine Slides: The German Academy's Trip to Bromley

July 17, 2017

Week Four is underway here at Green Mountain College! We're now at the final stretch of our time here, and all of the Academies are preparing for another round of final tests and the World Expo! 

However, while all the academies are busy, fun is still being had all around! It's been an especially great time for the German Academy. On Saturday, the German Academy celebrated the amazing German Christmas Festival (in July)! Students played Christmas party games, decorated a tree, and enjoyed snacks such as gingerbread! And to make things even sweeter, today also marked the German Academy's signature Academy Field Trip: An excursion to Bromley Adventure Park! 

Bromley Mountain is a ski resort here in Vermont, which doubles as an adventure park for this time of year. To start off the day, students hiked up Bromley Mountain. While the hiking was steep and taxing, the stunning views of New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont definitely made it worth it! And to make it even better for students, Bromley's signature attraction ensured they didn't even have to hike down! Instead, they blitzed down the mountain in style on one of three different Alpine Sleds! After reaching the bottom, they then enjoyed other fun activities such as Mini Golf, Rock Climbing, and other fun rides. And of course, many students simply decided to ride the Alpline Slides again and again! 

All in all, it's still hard to believe that the fourth week is upon us here at GMC. However, there is still so much for our students to look forward to! 

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