Ending Weekend 3, and Onto Week 4!

July 15, 2019

Language: Spanish
Location: Granada

What the Academy did the past few days:

Welcome to week four! 

The Granada Academy had a packed weekend! 

On Saturday, the Academy visited the city of Málaga and its beaches, about an hour and a half drive from Granada.  For the first part of the day, students followed a walking tour through the city, hitting the major tourist attractions of the city, like the cathedral, the port, and Calle Larios.  Afterwards, students were given some free time to grab a bite to eat around the city, and explore a little more. 

Then the Academy headed to the beach! Students played sports like beach soccer, and had free time on the boardwalk to grab some dinner. 

On Sunday, the Academy had another day of either Alhambra tours, or hiking through Las Trincheras de Maúllo followed by bread making. 

And today starts the fourth and last week of the Granada Academy! 

This morning students were busy between classes and taking the STAMP exam to measure their Spanish progress.  

After lunch a few students attended literature club with Javier, during which they discussed the book ‘El Amor de don Perlimplín con Belisa’ by the famous Granadino writer Federico Garcia Lorca.  Alternatively, other students went to the language exchange with the English class, and discussed differences in lifestyles and personal priorities in life. 

Later in the afternoon, students had the option of attending a workshop of feminist illustration, or other activities like playing ping pong or watching the TV series ‘La Casa de Papel.’ 

Following their activities, students had a water fight to cool down from the heat!  The battle started with water balloons and ended in the colegio’s fountain, and there were no dry survivors!

After cleaning up, the students and staff participated in filming an Academy-wide music video to the song ‘Pan y Mantequilla,’ by Efecto Pasillo, which will be released on Thursday at the going away celebration. 

Finally, for dinner students had free time out in the city to try new tapas bars and restaurants.  

Saturday’s Schedule:

8:45 am—9:25 am—Breakfast

10:00 am—10:00 pm—Excursion to Málaga!

11:00 pm—11:15 pm—In rooms

11:30 pm—Lights out

Sunday’s Schedule:

8:45 am—9:25 am—Breakfast

9:30 am—2:30 am—Bread making class and hike, or Alhambra tour

3:00 pm—3:30 pm—Lunch

3:30 pm—4:00 pm—Free time

4:00 pm—6:00 pm—Movie or other activities

5:00 pm—5:15 pm—Pick up afternoon snack

6:00 pm—8:15 pm—Walk in the city

8:30 pm—9:00 pm—Dinner

9:10 pm—11:00 pm—Call home

11:00 pm—11:15 pm—In rooms

11:30 pm—Lights out

Monday’s Schedule:

8:00 am—8:20 am—Breakfast for STAMP takers

8:30 am—11:45 am—STAMP

8:45 am—9:25 am—Breakfast

10:00 am—10:50 am—Class Block 1

10:55 am—11:45 am—Class Block 2

11:45 am—12:00 pm—Break & Snack

12:00 pm—12:50pm—Class Block 3

1:00 pm—2:20 pm—Class Block 4

2:30 pm—3:00 pm—Lunch

3:20 pm—4:00 pm—Free time

4:00 pm—5:00 pm—Workshops, ping pong tournament, TV series, language exchange

5:00 pm—5:15 pm—Pick up afternoon snack

5:15 pm—6:00 pm—Water fight!

6:15 pm—8:15 pm—Academy-wide music video

8:30 pm—10:30 pm—Dinner in the city

11:00 pm—11:15 pm—In rooms

11:30 pm—Lights out

Check back tomorrow to read more about the Granada Academy!

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