Crepes, Dumplings, and Weiner Schnitzel - Oh My!

Students finished their first week of classes with classic cultural cuisine!

June 30, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, students successfully finished their first week of classes, and are super excited to head into their first weekend here at Green Mountain College! Each of the academies was busy in their own way today, but all of them shared one common cultural experience: food. 

French academy students were extremely busy throughout classes and cultural exploration today! Many of the students took part in making traditional Magrhebi cuisine, others in French improv sessions, and others in something more competitive: Guérewol, a traditional fashion show from Niger. In Guérewol, males put on make-up, dance, and answer questions to impress their female judges. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for some of today's highlights of Guérewol! Finally, to cap off a successful week, French students savored some hand-made crepes courtesy of their RAs! 

Chinese academy students, meanwhile, took part in an extremely rewarding cultural exploration today: a Dumpling Festival. With their teachers assisting them, Chinese students created traditional Chinese dumplings, and then took time to enjoy their hard work as well! To finish off the day, Chinese students and their RAs took part in a Friday movie night! 

Finally, German academy students also enjoyed their own cultural cuisine exploration: Weiner Schnitzel. Through this experience, German students got a chance to learn how to follow recipes in German, as well as sample one of Austria's most beloved dishes. Finally, German students learned more about German education and culture from a representative of the Goethe Institut! 

And that's all for this week's classes! Check out our Facebook Page for even more highlights of the day, and check back in tomorrow for another update from GMC!