College Day: A trip to Middlebury!

July 15, 2016

Today, students from the French Academy boarded the buses and made the trek all the way to Middlebury, Vermont for a tour of Middlebury College!

Leaving promptly at 7 A.M., students and teachers enjoyed a day in which they were exposed to some new scenery and branch out beyond the typical sights of St. Michael’s College.

As for the students: today gave them a chance to explore the possibility of continuing their education at Middlebury and familiarize themselves with the college’s campus!

Once they returned to St. Michael’s, two students were asked about their journey to Middlebury and what they thought of the college. Here are their responses:


“Today the entire French Academy visited the Middlebury College campus and the town of Middlebury. The sun was shining and fun was had all around. There was an informational session available where the older students learned about the school and what it offers academically. We dined in the cafeteria for lunch; although, I think I prefer the dining options at St. Michael’s. We then had some free-time to walk around and shop in Middlebury, the town. A lot of people capitalized on the opportunity and stocked up on Middlebury gear. It was interesting because during lunch we ran into groups of Middlebury students in the language immersion programs doing the exact exact same thing as we were doing. We didn’t know them, but we were all in the same boat: French Immersion. It was also nice to have a change of scenery. We learned a lot, and spoke a lot of French—good day!”


“Just walking the campus of Middlebury showed you how worthwhile and meaningful learning another language is. Hearing all of the various languages that Middlebury offers all in one single campus truly explains why Middlebury is is especially known for its intensive and unique language program. This particular program has showed me the benefits of fully immersing yourself in a language. It’s unbelievable to see how your brain can change itself entirely into other languages. At the beginning of this camp, trying to understand what my teachers were saying was extremely tiring. Now, I can easily understand the fast-spoken French of my teachers and fellow peers. I have studied French for four years at school, but  I have never considered myself to be a French speaker until now. I understand the importance of the pledge we took and all of its elements. Now, I see the only real way to learn a language is to immerse yourself into the language completely.”  

Students at Middlebury College