A Celebration of Culture: World Expo at GMC

July 19, 2017

One of the most exciting events of our academy here at Green Mountain College has now came and went! And of course, I'm talking about the MIL Academy World Expo. Today, students from the Chinese, French, and German academies here at Green Mountain College showed off what they've been learning in their cultural exploration classes! 

The day started off on a relatively low-key note for our academy here, with students taking part in classes, STAMP language testing, or enjoying their activities. However, while it may have seemed calm on the surface, excited whispers for tonight were heard from both students and staff.

As 6:30 PM drew nearer and nearer, the muffled excitement finally came out into the open! Students and their RAs began assembling, and eventually headed over to Ackley Auditorium for their performances! As they waited for the show to begin, they talked with all of their friends, and even showed off their academy pride by chanting cheers! The atmosphere was amazing! 

Honestly, the acts of the night were so incredible that it's hard to describe them here. Each academy brought their full cultural weight to the table, from singing, dancing, monologues, skits, and even more! Some of the most exciting events though were: the French Academy's ethereal opera performance, the intense Taiji demonstration from the Chinese Academy, and the German Academy's own dance creation "Akira's Traum (dream)! 

All in all, it was so amazing to see how talented all the students here are, and just how much they've learned in four short weeks! Check out our Facebook page for some pictures of this awesome event, and for a video of the FULL event, with every act featured! And check back in tomorrow as well for an event that will be just as special: Graduation! 

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