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For this reason, we have made comprehensive professional development a core component for all programs. Successful implementations rely on collaborative efforts by districts, schools and the Middlebury Interactive team. Building this partnership is a central focus of the professional development and support we provide. Professional development is customized to address varying implementation models—fully online, blended, traditional classroom—as well as student learning goals. Our team of experts works closely with school and district personnel to customize training plans and align them to implementation goals. Connecting teacher learning with student results is central to our professional development programs. Watch a short video to see how our language courses can bring authentic materials to your classroom

Blended Learning

Today's schools are embracing blended learning environments where technology and teaching inform instruction—leading to increased student engagement and academic success. Combining classroom and virtual instruction optimizes learning. Teachers are equipped with significant resources to maximize planning and instructional time and differentiate instruction to accommodate varying proficiency levels. Students assume greater ownership and responsibility for their own language development and progress at the pace and level appropriate to their needs. Since blended learning means something different to each district or school, Middlebury Interactive provides a flexible solution to address the challenges they face. We can deliver a blended solution that seamlessly fits popular models or provide a customized one. Our state-certified virtual teachers are also available to support instruction as needed.

Grades K-2 Elementary
Grades 3-5 Elementary
Grades 6-8 Middle School
Grades 9-12 High School
Grades 9-12 Fluency
Grades 11-12 AP* Advanced Placement
Spanish 1 1 & 2 1 & 2 I, II & III I & II AP*
French 1 1 & 2 1 & 2 I, II & III I & II AP*
Chinese 1 1 1 & 2 I & II I & II  
German   1 & 2 1 & 2 I & II    

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Elementary School Language Courses

Elementary school language courses and curriculum build a solid language foundation for elementary school students. The program provides learners with an introduction to basic expressions, words and phrases. The courses also build awareness and appreciation of different languages and cultures. Students’ primary focus is on listening and speaking, with exposure to reading and writing accompanied by opportunities to practice what they’ve learned in familiar settings.

Middle and High School Language Courses

Middle and high school language courses are grounded in the development and integration of the four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are introduced to vocabulary themes, grammar concepts, sentence structure and culture through explicit instruction, guided learning and adaptive pacing. Opportunities to apply language in common situations along with highly interactive activities are designed to reinforce skills in differing contexts and build foundational language knowledge. The use of authentic materials helps build student confidence and comfort in the target language. A full year of courses consists of 36 units at the high school level and 18 units at the middle school level, with five lessons in each unit.

High School Fluency Courses

High school fluency courses utilize principles of the immersive language pedagogy and teaching methodology used at Middlebury College's renowned Language Schools to help students gain a stronger base of comprehension and to accelerate language acquisition. Application of language skills is practiced through observation and intuition within a context, task-based activities and real-life themes. Students develop proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through media-rich activities and videos shot on location across the globe—this authentic content allows students to negotiate pathways for meaning. Intended outcomes include ability to express spontaneous thoughts and ideas in language, build metacognitive skills and acquire a deeper understanding of other cultures. Fluency courses are structured to allow for a customizable learning experience that can meet the needs for a fully online, blended or traditional classroom implementation.