Painting, Extreme Napping and Presentations

Today was another eventful day at the Summer Academy in Poultney, Vermont! Students participated in many activities both in and outside of class.

Some highlights of the day included a new activity called "extreme napping" and the Arabic Academy's Evening Assembly in which groups of students performed skits, songs and dances for their peers to enjoy! These assemblies usually take place once a week in each academy and provide a platform for students and teachers to share their learning with one another. 

The Pre-Celebration and A Typical Sunday Schedule

Sundays are for sleeping in and taking advantage of one last day of rest before the busy week begins. And that is exactly what occurred at Green Mountain College this morning. Students and staff alike spent the day enjoying the beautiful weather and catching up with their friends. 

The Language Pledge® and Classes Start!

Today is the first full day that members of the Academy will be in their target languages, as they have all agreed to The Language Pledge®, which binds them to no longer use English as a form of communication. Most students seem to be both excited and nervous about their journey ahead, as it will be extremely rewarding as well as challenging.

Will Arabic Be the Language of the Future?

By language of the future, I do not intend to mean a universal language in which both humans and machines will use to interact in a world of increasing proliferation of artificial intelligence. Nor do I aim to suggest that Arabic would be the lingua franca of the 22nd century. To put forward a claim of this sort would require me to delve into the rather dreary details of demographic predictions and politico-economic arrangements of the world. I am more interested in some esoteric aspects of the Arabic language itself.


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