Latino Dancing and Graffiti Tour

In addition to the historic and monumental Salamanca well-known to tourists, there is another facet of the city less known and more linked to citizens, neighborhood life and social life. Using the West District of Salamanca as an example, the students in Carmen Quijada’s cultural exploration class have learned how cities can be regenerated through art. They have discovered the different types of urban arts that exist.

Exchange Evening

Today our students had the opportunity to meet some local Spanish students.

Salamanca Welcome Dinner

Students at the Salamanca Spanish Language Academy enjoy a huge welcome feast.

Students Picnic on the River Tormes, Celebrate Kui's Birthday, and Tour Salamanca

For the first evening in Salamanca, students and program staff enjoyed a picnic and games along the River Tormes.

Meeting Host Families in Salamanca

After arriving at Colegio Maestro Ávila, students received a warm welcome from the program leaders and mentors. They enjoyed refreshments and a pickup basketball game on the school’s patio before participating in a large group icebreaker that got everyone moving and laughing. Students were then introduced to their host families who took them home to rest and to have their first family meal together.


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