Arabic Academy Shenanigans

Let’s take a step into Lyon Hall: the Arabic Academy’s dorm. On any given day, you’ll find water balloons, sidewalk chalk and birthday celebrations!

Arabesque Ensemble Visits Arabic Academy

Who can keep a beat? The greatest benefit MMLA brings to learning a language is the total immersion component. Today the Arabic Academy got a visit from the Arabesque music ensemble. A major part of any culture is music and to be able to hear the rhythmic distinction here in Pomona was a treat. Arabesque taught students about different patterns specific to Arabic music. Students learned about the oud, tabla drum, violin and kanoon.

Olé Field Day: The Spanish Academy is Victorious!

The sky was blue and the heat unforgiving. Spirits were high as the teams arrived at the field. Amid the echoing Arabic drum beats, melodious French songs, energetic Chinese chants, and cries of “olé, olé, olé, olé” borrowed from World Cupfutbol fans, the Field Day at Pomona College began.

Dancing the Night Away at Pomona

The energy level here at MMLA Pomona is off the charts-seriously! These students must get their energy from the constant California sunshine because every day they go at full speed. Yesterday was no exception, even after the Olympics took place. Led by teachers Christian and Meg, French Academy students performed a dance routine to the French version of “Oh What A Night“ in the middle of the dining hall, proving that the French spirit cannot be crushed! For evening activities, the fun didn’t stop as all students boogied the night away at their academy’s respective dances.

Movie Posters and More: Chinese Academy

You’ve seen the posts about the Chinese Academy’s recent filmmaking spree. Steven Spielberg would be proud of these kids. Now take a moment to check out the accompanying posters to these flicks! Soon we’ll be finding out who gets to take home the different “Academy Awards” for these wonderful short films.
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Land of the Free: America the Diverse

The Fourth of July dawned hot and hectic, as we at the Chinese academy began our day festively with American Flag socks and headbands. The morning assembly introduced terms such as “independence” and “America” in celebration of Independence Day as well as Olympic key terms in preparation for our MMLA intramural Olympic Games on July 5th. As the students went to class, RAs and other Residential staff prepared for the various Fourth of July activities for the day.

Freedom, Fireworks and Fun!

Yesterday was a full day here at Pomona College! After attending Claremont’s local Fourth of July parade, students returned to campus for a celebratory barbecue. Spontaneous games of beach volleyball, frisbee and soccer broke out as the setting sun colored the sky in various hues of pastels. Later the students headed over to the football field (where yet more spontaneous games took place– these students definitely take “work hard, play hard” to a whole new level) to watch Claremont’s impressive display of fireworks.

Fun in the شمس (Sun)

The Arabic Academy enjoyed the California sunshine while playing volleyball and doing yoga with the help of Assistant Language Director Shurouq! It was great to see students teach others how to hit a volleyball (الكرة الطائرة). At the end of the activity time they really got the hang of it!

The quad was a great place for students to enjoy some shade under the tall California trees and have some nice quiet meditation time.

French 0, Spanish 4 in Heated Friendly Match

Several days ago at the newly christened Stadio du Quad, Les Bleus de l’Académiede français led a courageous effort against their much larger, more experienced and more athletic rivals in the Spanish Academy. After giving up three early goals, the addition of a mysterious player who spoke little French and was known only as “Le Directeur”, allowed the French to make things competitive down the stretch.

And the Academy Award Goes To…

This week, one of the cultural exploration activities is the filmmaking. Students are divided into four groups and responsible for directing their own movies. In today’s blog post, I would like to give you a sneak peek of the Chinese Academy’s movies!

The first one is based on a hit movie, “The Hunger Games.” This group of students is very concerned about giving out too much detail about their story, so they only mentioned that everyone will fight with each other and there will only be one winner.


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