Granada: Setting High Standards

    A thrilling game of “Pato Pato Ganso” or “Duck Duck Goose” got the students energized and ready to begin a new day in Granada on Sunday.  Students then proceeded to language classes and their last day of CE classes. Concha’s poetry class spent their last day presenting their original Spanish poems to the class.  After comida, it was time to celebrate Ryan Garland’s 18th birthday with singing and a cake! Happy Birthday, Ryan!   

Granada: Tackling Topography in Antonio's Level 2 Spanish Class

     “I can ask and answer questions about topographical and geographical features of the target country and the U.S.” was the "Can Do" statement for Antonio’s level 2 Spanish class yesterday.  To begin, students discussed the Sierra Nevada mountain region that sprawls over Granada and the origin of the word Nevada, coming from the Spanish verb nevar, or to snow. Using Nevada as a platform, students then discussed places in the U.S. with Spanish names, such as the state of Nevada and the city of Las Vegas.

Granada's Newest Tour Guides

     The first day of July began with thirty minutes of extra time to sleep after a late night at Flamenco. After breakfast, groups explored many major landmarks in Granada, each tour lead by two guides from Louis’ level 4 Spanish class. The guides have spent the past week learning about all thirteen stops and creating guides to the city. It was a pleasure to see students presenting about the places that represent their new home. The stops included Puerta de Elvira, the original entrance to the city, el Mirador de San Nicolás, and a local market in Plaza Larga.

Granada: Friday is for Fans and Flamenco

     On Friday students spent the first part of the morning learning Spanish and the second part learning Arabic! Indalecio Lozano, a teacher at The University of Granada and IES, traced Spanish words back to their Arabic roots as a way to inform students about the history of Granada and its Moorish influences.  For example, “hambra” in Arabic means red, explaining the red color of the historic city we see every day, La Alhambra. After comida, students spent the afternoon watching Spanish television, writing in their journals, and getting ice cream with their RA groups.

Granada: Across Andalucía in Pilar's Spanish Class

     Each day, Spanish language teachers at MIL focus on a goal called a “I Can” statement. Today, Pilar’s Level 3 Spanish class worked towards the goal, “I can describe the geography and natural resources of the host country.” Taking an artistic, visual approach, Pilar’s class worked towards this goal through a project featuring all eight provinces in Andalucía.  The project required each group of 2 to 3 students to research and present a poster on one of the eight provinces.

Granada: Ceramics and Celebrations

      A fun game of scattergories started this beautiful Thursday morning off on an energetic note! We then sang Happy Birthday to not one, but two students. Happy Birthday Jasper and Garret!  Students dove into another morning of classes, and I checked in with Montse’s Ceramics class, one of our Cultural Exploration (CE) courses.

Granada: Establishing a sense of place through our senses

     Laughter filled morning assembly as students learned and acted out common Spanish phrases taught by the RA team. Spanish and cultural exploration (CE) classes are in full swing as students build on their confidence speaking both inside and outside of the classroom.  In Julia's CE class about experiencing a new place through one's senses, students sat outside and wrote about the various sounds around them. In Antonio's comic class, students interpreted Spanish comics using the illustrations and expressions only.

Granada: Let the day begin… with a dance!

To begin our second morning in Granada, students wrote letters to themselves which they will receive at the end of the program. In these letters, students answered questions regarding why they were here, why they wanted to learn Spanish, and what goals they had for themselves linguistically.

Granada: !From English a Español!

After a long and successful day of travel on Sunday, our first day here in Granada on Monday began on an energetic note with a dance guided by the residential advisors (RAs). Each RA then guided his/her group of 10-15 students through the beautiful winding streets of Granada to explore a nearby cathedral and their new neighborhood, el Albaicín.  Comida, the main meal of the day in Spain around 3pm, was full of energy as it was the last time everyone would be together speaking English!

Granada: Welcome to the Summer Blog!

Greetings from Granada!


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