Granada: Reciting Recipies in Montse's Spanish Class

     Full Spanish immersion wouldn’t be complete without an understanding of and appreciation for Spanish cuisine of course!  Montse’s Level 3 Spanish class is focusing in on delicious Spanish foods and recipes this week.  With the “Can Do” statement, “I can describe the preparation of a typical dish from the host country” guiding their class, students researched traditional Spanish recipes and picked one to indulge in even more.

Granada: Musical Monday

     Fun relay races prepared students to jump right into Monday morning classes.  Concha’s CE Class called “Poetas, Músicos, y Locos" spent their class time  working on artistic representations of Apollo and Artemis. Click on the links below to see last week’s section preforming their original poems voted on by their classmates.  After comida and an extended rest time, students dove into workshops including rap writing and performing with Mario and percussion with Angela.

Granada: Trip to La Alhambra

    During the Alhambra excursion, students were guided by art history extraordinaires through the palaces (Palacios Nazaries), fortresses (Alcazaba), and vacation homes (Generalife) of the magnificent city built during the 13-15th centuries. I had the pleasure of being in Yolanda’s group, who spoke to the students last week about using one’s senses in The Alhambra. Describing the wall art, Yolanda said that, “the Alhambra is like a book.” The art decorating every wall in The Alhambra explains the history of Granada, as well as the families who lived there.  

Granada: Hiking and Baking

     This weekend featured two very exciting excursions which everyone participated in. Because we have so many students, the group split in half and students did a hiking and baking excursion one day and a tour of The Alhambra the next.  On their hiking day, students took a bus to the Sierra de Huétor National Park where they hiked to amazing views for the first portion of the excursion.   After the hike, students went to Pan de Manolo, a local bakery, to learn about the bread making process and bake their own bread.

Granada: And the Blue Wristband goes to...

      With exactly two weeks left, this Friday was a great day to reflect on the first half of the program and look forward to the upcoming half.  In the morning, I checked in on Pilar’s CE dance class. After learning how to Salsa yesterday, students spent the day learning “Sevillanas”, a traditional type of dance originating from Sevilla, Spain.  Each student then had a meeting with their language teacher to receive feedback, reflect on the first two weeks of class, and express what they would like to see happen in the last two weeks.

Granada: Learning from Locals in Julia's Spanish Class

     Students have now been here for almost two full weeks and they are now putting their knowledge of Granada to use. Julia’s level 3 Spanish class is focusing on the “Can Do” statement, “I can ask for and provide descriptions of places I know and places I would like to visit.”  To do this, the students are working on a detailed guide with recommendations for tourists visiting Granada for the weekend.

Granada: Dancing in the Rain

     After a morning full of classes, students enjoyed another round of workshops to begin the afternoon.  This time, Javier led a workshop on improvisation which was full of laughter.  In one game, Javier gave a title which the students had to recreate in one pose. In the next game, one student explained an animal in a made-up language while their partner had to “translate” their descriptions into Spanish.

Granada: Many Hands Make Light Work

      Carmen’s Level 4 Spanish class, Antonio (RA), and I spent the morning volunteering at the local food bank.

Granada: Day trip to the Beach!

     This 4th of July, students enjoyed an exhilarating day trip to Frigiliana and Nerja in the Costa del Sol!  Boasting beautiful white buildings nestled within mountains, Frigiliana was an exciting first stop where students explored beautiful lookout points, local churches, shops, and restaurants. After lunch in the shade, we then explored the impressive caves of Nerja. Students learned about the history and formation of the caves through audio guides while taking in the incredible scenery.  Then, it was off to the beach for the afternoon!

Granada: New Week, New Leadership

     Our second week has begun! Monday’s assembly started with a ceremony celebrating our official MIL Granada Student Council!


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