Semana 1 en Comillas - Week 1 in Comillas


Sólo quedan cuatro días para vuestra llegada a Comillas. Ya estamos aquí trabajando duramente ALEJANDRO SARAVIA (Director de Residencia), y KIM GRIFFIN (Directora académica). También están con nosotros PEDRO VELARDE (concejal de Turismo de Comillas), LEONOR MEDEROS (coordinadora de actividades), y ESTEFANÍA SAÑUDO (enfermera).  

Welcome to the 2014 Beijing Academy

Dear Beijing Academy Students, 

Our names are Tim Liu and Yuan Gao, and we will be serving as Director of Residential Life and Program Director, respectively, for the Beijing Academy this summer. We are writing today to catch you up on all we have been doing to prepare for what promises to be an amazing language immersion experience. We would also like to take this time to give you an update on what you can expect to experience during this summer’s program.

Preparing for My Trip to Comillas, Spain

I spent today beginning to prepare for my trip to Comillas, Spain. It is hard to believe that I’m leaving once again in less than a month, as it feels like just yesterday that I came home from MMLA Pomona.

I’m doubly excited for the trip to Spain as it will not only be the continuation of my MMLA learning experience but the first time I ever leave the country. As with many exciting things, there were some not-quite-as-exciting things that I had to do in order to prepare.

Gearing Up for Cultural Immersion Abroad: Comillas

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to participate in an informational group chat concerning the upcoming summer MMLA program in Comillas, Spain. Several people in charge of different facets of the program participated and engaged with students and parents, answering questions and providing logistical information. From the teachers to parents and other students, everyone seemed just as excited about the inaugural year of this program as I was. It turns out we’ll be staying in a beautiful hotel and taking classes near the main part of the town of Comillas.

New Site! Photos from Comillas, Spain

Photos from Middlebury Interactive’s Chief Learning Officer Aline Germain-Rutherford’s recent trip to Comillas, Spain, the newest site location abroad for 2014.
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