16 Favorite Foods from Around the World



Food is more than just food when it comes to understanding another language and culture. Through food, you can learn about a culture’s history, culinary traditions and social customs. Here, at Middlebury Interactive, some of our favorite travel memories include traditional foods. We’ve compiled some of our favorite dishes and snacks from around the world. What would you add to the list?

Cooking in Language: Gazpacho

Cooking is a great way to learn new vocabulary and grammar, as well as about a new culture. The following is a Para family favorite for gazpacho, a traditional Spanish soup.

Cooking in Language: Madeleine

Cooking is a fun way to learn new vocabulary, grammar and learn more about a culture through its food. The following is a family recipe for Madeleines, a traditional small French cake, that I hope you enjoy!
Madeleine Recipe in French

Cooking in Language: Empanadas

The Middlebury Interactive approach to language learning focuses on using language in everyday activities. One fun and easy way parents and students can continue language learning at home is by preparing meals using recipes in the languages they are studying.  

Cooking in Language: Tarte Tatin Recipe

Cooking is a great way to learn about different cultures. Below is a recipe for Tarte Tatin, a French dish that is similar to apple pie, but with one crucial difference—it is upside down! Legend has it that this dish was actually a mistake. One day, the Tatin sisters nearly burned some apples in the pan and, to save them, placed the pastry on top. They then flipped the dish over and served it to their guests warm. Whatever the story, the dish was a success, and it has become a popular dessert in France.

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