Spanish Students Visit Middlebury College!

Today, students from the Spanish Academy took a trip north to visit the campus of Middlebury College! We enjoyed a Flamenco performance and toured the beautiful Middlebury campus. An afternoon thunderstorm sent students to the Field House for some hoops and hanging out, but the skies cleared and allowed us to enjoy an outdoor dinner and pick-up soccer before heading back to campus.

The Red Shirt Takeover

Today, there was a red shirt takeover down in Middlebury, Vermont!

The Chinese Academy—in one large exodus—swarmed into the small town of Middlebury, where they had the chance to check out the school and get a taste for the local culture of the small town.

Middlebury, Vermont: One of the Best Towns to Live and Work

We love our beautiful community in Middlebury, Vermont—an amazing place to live, work, eat, drink, have fun and raise a family—and it looks like we're not the only ones. Outside Magazine readers recently selected Middlebury as a finalist in The 16 Best Places to Live in America: 2015.

Expanding World Language Opportunities for All

Last week, the faculty at Middlebury College voted to instruct the college to “sever its ties to K12, Inc.” Since K12, Inc. and Middlebury College are partners in the joint venture that oversees Middlebury Interactive Languages, some might wonder what this vote means for Middlebury Interactive and our future growth. Specifically, I wanted to discuss what it means for our most important constituents: the students and teachers using our world language courses.

What is the Key to Making Public-Private Partnerships Work in K-12 Systems?

Original article in Education Week by Kevin Bushweller

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