Chinese Cultural Exploration!

Every day, each academy participates in a cultural exploration class. Culture and language go hand in hand, so this class is integral to understanding. This week, students could choose between San Guo Sha (a Chinese card game), puppet shows and pop music in Chinese.

The Chinese Academy Is Still Going Strong!

As we kicked off the third week of the Academy, students’ classes focused on how to express more complex self-introductions, and how to talk about their families and hometowns. Today’s afternoon activities included a photography challenge, frisbee golf, pool games and my personal favorite, a yoga class all in Chinese (which I got to lead!)! The day ended with a recommitment ceremony (delayed one day because of yesterday’s Field Day), with some awards given out as well! Here’s to another week of Language Pledge® commitment!

-Becca Levy, Chinese RA

Olé Field Day: The Spanish Academy is Victorious!

The sky was blue and the heat unforgiving. Spirits were high as the teams arrived at the field. Amid the echoing Arabic drum beats, melodious French songs, energetic Chinese chants, and cries of “olé, olé, olé, olé” borrowed from World Cupfutbol fans, the Field Day at Pomona College began.

Dancing the Night Away at Pomona

The energy level here at MMLA Pomona is off the charts-seriously! These students must get their energy from the constant California sunshine because every day they go at full speed. Yesterday was no exception, even after the Olympics took place. Led by teachers Christian and Meg, French Academy students performed a dance routine to the French version of “Oh What A Night“ in the middle of the dining hall, proving that the French spirit cannot be crushed! For evening activities, the fun didn’t stop as all students boogied the night away at their academy’s respective dances.

Field Day Opening Ceremony

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for – FIELD DAY! As the academies were preparing for today’s events, you could hear the roaring cheers all around the campus.  It was truly a remarkable experience! 

As the language learners made their way to the beautiful amphitheater to kick off the Field Day, they entered chanting glorious cheers and dancing to songs that excited all those watching. The sheer enthusiasm for the Field Day has made this opening ceremony one to remember.

-Max Brazo, Program Assistant

Land of the Free: America the Diverse

The Fourth of July dawned hot and hectic, as we at the Chinese academy began our day festively with American Flag socks and headbands. The morning assembly introduced terms such as “independence” and “America” in celebration of Independence Day as well as Olympic key terms in preparation for our MMLA intramural Olympic Games on July 5th. As the students went to class, RAs and other Residential staff prepared for the various Fourth of July activities for the day.

Cultural Exploration: Español

This morning I had the pleasure of connecting with three separate Cultural Exploration classes within the Spanish Academy. The first was a dance class located in Upper Tarble where I was able to catch some students in the midst of learning a new dance routine led by one of our very enthusiastic Spanish teachers. Other classes included activities designed to improve linguistic skills as well.

French 0, Spanish 4 in Heated Friendly Match

Several days ago at the newly christened Stadio du Quad, Les Bleus de l’Académiede français led a courageous effort against their much larger, more experienced and more athletic rivals in the Spanish Academy. After giving up three early goals, the addition of a mysterious player who spoke little French and was known only as “Le Directeur”, allowed the French to make things competitive down the stretch.

My Culture + French Culture = A love for French!

Monsieur Corey’s French class put a culinary spin on the idea, comparing the cuisine in France proper to that of other French-speaking countries. Students created posters and shared them with the class highlighting the similarities and differences between the foods from linguistically common but geographically diverse locations. This activity really helped to hit home the idea of differing cultural identities, maintaining a fun and cooperative atmosphere all the while!

-Nick Anderson
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Cultured: Reflections on Spanish Academy’s Field Trip

On Sunday June 29th the Spanish Academy boarded two buses at 8:30 AM and headed off to Long Beach for almost an entire day of excitement, fun andaprendizaje.


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