Spanish Is the Language of the Future

It is hard for me to talk about the future of Spanish without brandishing the usual arsenal of maps, statistics and census projections. Luckily, these factoids are usually at my fingertips, so without further ado, I will lay them out for you here in all their glory.

A Day in the Life of an Online Teacher

I am old enough to remember when there were public meetings about whether or not to fund computers in brick-and-mortar schools. There is book that was originally published in 1939 called The Saber-Tooth Curriculum by Abner Peddiwell. It was required reading in my teacher training program.

12 Reasons to Study Abroad During High School

“…studying abroad isn’t just an important part of a well-rounded educational experience. It’s also becoming increasingly important for success in the modern global economy. Getting ahead in today’s workplaces isn’t just about the skills you bring from the classroom. It’s also about the experience you have with the world beyond our borders—with people, and languages, and cultures that are very different from our own.”—First Lady Michelle Obama

The Value of Digital Language Education for Homeschool Families

As a homeschool mom of four, I have heard frustration in homeschool circles when it comes to choosing a world language curriculum. There are many options, but without expertise in that area, quite a few homeschool parents feel frustrated determining which option is best for their children. Even as a Spanish teacher, I had to do a great deal of research on how to provide the best world language education to my own children.

What Makes the Middlebury Interactive Assessment Model Unique?

“…the great promise of assessment is its deployment in the service of instruction, its capacity to inform the judgment of faculty and students regarding how they can best advance the quality of learning.”
-Lee Shulman, President Emeritus of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

8 Fun Ways to Keep Language Learning Going Over the Summer

Ahh, summer... Swimming, popsicles and sleepovers—at least that’s what I remember of my childhood summers. In addition to the fun summer brings, it’s also a great time to learn a new world language or continue on the path to language proficiency.

Why German is the Language of the Future

German is often considered the language of scientific communication, as scientists in the early 20th century would publish their findings in the German language. However, there are a few other reasons why German should be considered the language of the future. And no, I don't mean because German fans fell head over heels in love with David Hasselhoff (who in turn recorded songs in German)!

Improving Product Quality Through Evidenced-based Education Data

The Education Industry Association hosted their 24th annual EDVentures conference on July 16, 2014, in Newport Beach, California. For those unfamiliar with EDVentures, it is considered to be a conference at “the intersection of entrepreneurial leadership and technology”. EDVentures attendees range from the most respected thought leaders in the education industry to new education technology start-ups. 

Home Education and Language Learning in the World of Digital Technology

Why do people home educate their children? It could be because of inflexibility in a family schedule. It might be for financial reasons. Maybe home education addresses an area of learning that is not available in the local public or private schools. It could also be to allow a student to progress at a pace that is in-line with his or her unique abilities. But one constant theme that runs through all the theories behind parents choosing home education is that ultimately parents want to make sure their children succeed.


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