What Makes the Middlebury Interactive Assessment Model Unique?

“…the great promise of assessment is its deployment in the service of instruction, its capacity to inform the judgment of faculty and students regarding how they can best advance the quality of learning.”
-Lee Shulman, President Emeritus of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

8 Fun Ways to Keep Language Learning Going Over the Summer

Ahh, summer... Swimming, popsicles and sleepovers—at least that’s what I remember of my childhood summers. In addition to the fun summer brings, it’s also a great time to learn a new world language or continue on the path to language proficiency.

A Summer Living Immersed in Language: Highlights from the 2014 Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy

For nearly a century, Middlebury College’s renowned Language Schools—featuring the motto No English Spoken Here®—have enabled educators, business leaders and those who simply have a love for language, to become proficient in the language of their choice.

Will Arabic Be the Language of the Future?

By language of the future, I do not intend to mean a universal language in which both humans and machines will use to interact in a world of increasing proliferation of artificial intelligence. Nor do I aim to suggest that Arabic would be the lingua franca of the 22nd century. To put forward a claim of this sort would require me to delve into the rather dreary details of demographic predictions and politico-economic arrangements of the world. I am more interested in some esoteric aspects of the Arabic language itself.

Vermont Students Acquire Spanish Language Skills in Record Time

I knew it was going to be a memorable day when we drove past the moose-crossing sign on the winding, mountainous and picturesque roads of Vermont. As a multicultural, bilingual citizen of the world, I have experienced large cities and polyglot environments, but never had I come face to face with the culture of moose. I crossed my fingers and mentally called the moose to come forth.

Take Look(Book) at Our Latest Beijing Photos

Program Director, Gao Yuan, took some amazing photos of life in language at our Beijing Academy and compiled them in a Lookbook here: Once we receive the individual photos, we will send an updated blog post so that you can view and download for free. Be sure to check back soon!

-Ryan H.
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Learning How to Make Perfect Pinchos from our “Master Chef”

Juan Manuel (often referred to by students as JuanMa) was our chef for the last 4 weeks. During this time Juan not only cooked for us, but also provided us with lots of great memories through his excellent company and humor. At some point everyone in our staff felt that Juan was part of our MMLA-team. Aside from being a chef, Juan is also passionate about education and was once an educator himself. Combining his two passions, Juan actually gave an impromptu lecture on how to cook pinchos.

Students Create Their Own Pincho Recipes

After Chef “JuanMa“‘s pincho cooking instruction, the students paired up and started working on their own creations. They had to combine textures, flavors and ingredients to make their own style of pincho. Each one of the groups presented to the class the reason behind their creation, as well as the meaning and the expected flavor they were creating.

Thank You to the Comillas Academy Staff

Before our Academy comes to a close, we’d like to give a very sincere and BIG thank you to our amazing MMLA Comillas faculty. There are an incredible group of talented and dynamic people who made this experience for everyone such a success.

-Alejandro Saravia
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