Preparing for My Trip to Comillas, Spain

I spent today beginning to prepare for my trip to Comillas, Spain. It is hard to believe that I’m leaving once again in less than a month, as it feels like just yesterday that I came home from MMLA Pomona.

I’m doubly excited for the trip to Spain as it will not only be the continuation of my MMLA learning experience but the first time I ever leave the country. As with many exciting things, there were some not-quite-as-exciting things that I had to do in order to prepare.

MMLA Will Fast-Track You To Achieving Your Goals

When I signed up for MMLA I had no idea how I was going to use Chinese in my future, or even if I was going to continue it into university. I only knew that I had the eventual objective of fluency and that I wanted to improve as much as I could. Aside from exceeding my expectations for improving my language skills, my experience at MMLA made a huge difference in how I look at learning Chinese in the future.

Classroom Experiences Deserving of the Bright and Eager Students Who Learn Within Them

As the MMLA summer program is a challenging educational environment in which students are expected to learn massive quantities of information, a fair amount time is naturally spent in the classroom. However, teachers try to create engaging classroom experiences deserving of the bright and eager students who learn within them. While the immersion environment ensures that learning happens wherever you go, different skills develop in different places.

The MMLA Community

One of the extra benefits of learning at MMLA is getting to live and learn with an amazingly diverse group of teachers and students. With students and teachers from all over the US and the world, the campus is rich in experiences and perspectives that shape every part of learning at MMLA.

Maintaining Valuable Skills Learned at MMLA

The benefit that the immersion learning environment provides for MMLA students is immeasurable. No matter what skills you possess at the time of entry, you will leave the program more confident and more capable of using your target language. In fact, when most of my friends returned from this summer’s academy, they spoke Spanish intermittently to their parents for about a week. I still have an occasional Spanish dream.

Real-life Language Learning at MMLA

Before I went to MMLA, I had only used Mandarin with my tutor during classes. Every once in a while I met a person who spoke Mandarin and had a short conversation with them, but I rarely had the opportunity to use a wide range of vocabulary in real-life settings.

Gearing Up for Cultural Immersion Abroad: Comillas

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to participate in an informational group chat concerning the upcoming summer MMLA program in Comillas, Spain. Several people in charge of different facets of the program participated and engaged with students and parents, answering questions and providing logistical information. From the teachers to parents and other students, everyone seemed just as excited about the inaugural year of this program as I was. It turns out we’ll be staying in a beautiful hotel and taking classes near the main part of the town of Comillas.


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