Eating in Comillas!

¡Mañana llegáis!  Y lo primero que vais a hacer al llegar a Comillas es ¡COMER!  Sí, llegáis a las 2 de la tarde, just a la hora de comer.  El horario de comidas es un poco diferente al horario de los Estados Unidos.  Vuestro horario va a ser:

8:30 de la mañana - Desayuno  (café, zumo, tostada, cereales)

2:30 de la tarde - Comida (la comida grande del día-carne, pescado, verduras, fruta)

9:30 de la noche - Cena (un poco más ligero-huevos, filete, sopa) Beijing

We know that all of our students are probably packing and preparing for an exciting summer in Beijing, but our staff has already touched down and is working hard to make sure everything is ready for students’ arrival. Our office is getting set up, student materials are being prepared, and RAs have even started making hand made dorm signs for each room.

We are all looking forward to meeting all our students soon!
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The Excitement is Building!

Bienvenidos, أهلاً و سهلاً, bienvenue, and 欢迎.  The MMLA Pomona campus staff is hard at work arranging all the details for your arrivals and we are looking forward to meeting you in person. We are already abuzz in French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic (and some additional languages too!) with a diverse and knowledgeable staff that hail from the U.S., China, France, French Guiana, Réunion, Morocco, Yemen, Israel, Palestine, Algeria, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Germany, Kenya and Romania.

Semana 1 en Comillas - Week 1 in Comillas


Sólo quedan cuatro días para vuestra llegada a Comillas. Ya estamos aquí trabajando duramente ALEJANDRO SARAVIA (Director de Residencia), y KIM GRIFFIN (Directora académica). También están con nosotros PEDRO VELARDE (concejal de Turismo de Comillas), LEONOR MEDEROS (coordinadora de actividades), y ESTEFANÍA SAÑUDO (enfermera).  

Welcome to Pomona College!

Hello MMLA students and parents!

Welcome to the 2014 Beijing Academy

Dear Beijing Academy Students, 

Our names are Tim Liu and Yuan Gao, and we will be serving as Director of Residential Life and Program Director, respectively, for the Beijing Academy this summer. We are writing today to catch you up on all we have been doing to prepare for what promises to be an amazing language immersion experience. We would also like to take this time to give you an update on what you can expect to experience during this summer’s program.

It’s Almost Showtime!

Greetings from the Academy office staff here at Swarthmore College! All of us here couldn’t be more excited for the beginning of the camp in less than a week and are currently in the midst of making sure everything is prepared for your arrival. We hope you are very excited for an awesome adventure! 
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