C’est Le Week-end!

It’s the weekend! For the students at MMLA, that means the schedule is a bit different: no academic classes. This leaves more free time for the Académie de français to bond with their fellow students and their animateurs, or the French RAs.  

Start the Day the Beijing Way

Each morning our RA’s kick off the day with the morning assembly, where they convey important information to our students without using English. What results is a spectacular display of classic language pledge communication methods, including skits, hand motions and a lot of charades. Students must watch and listen very carefully to put together the Chinese they are hearing and the movements of the RA’s to get important pieces of information that they will need for the day. 

Getting to Know Comillas by Treasure Hunting

Today, Comillas Academy students familiarized themselves with the village and people of Comillas through a treasure hunt called Gymkhana. 

-Alejandro Saravia
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Activities in Every Language!

Activity time once again comes to the MMLA Pomona campus, and with so many different in language options to choose from, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could not find something that interests them.

Sitting outside their dorm, a group of French students wrote different short stories, while inside the dorm more students made friendship bracelets in the common room.

On the other side of campus, a group of students from the Chinese Academy hit the sand for a game of beach volleyball.

This Week in Spanish: Evening Assemblies

We have started with 100% “Poder Naranja” (Spanish academy Spirit) in the Spanish Academy this week.  The RAs and myself have already seen improvement among our students! It’s been great to see students start from saying very few words to sentences and we are so excited for what is ahead!

As part of the MMLA adventure, students are expected to participate in an Evening Assembly. The evening assembly is a chance for the students to show off all the great things they’ve learned in their electives and classes to their teachers, classmates, and the “mentores.” (RAs)

Fitness Fever!

The sun is up, the sky is blue, and the students here at MMLA Pomona are out enjoying the pleasant summer weather. Yesterday’s perfect temperature allowed many of the students to get their workout on during activity time.


Yesterday, our students learned about one of the most important activities in Comillas: Fishing. Long time ago, Comillas was known by it’s whale fishing industry. However, the extinction of these animals in the region (Cantabrian Sea)  force Comillas’ fishermen to practice the regular fishing. Nowadays, fishing is one of the most economic activities in Comillas. It’s port is an important site not only for fishermen but also for tourists.

Our students, during our morning assembly had to represent (act) themes related to the sea, fishing, and the like.

A Night to Remember - The French Academy Experiences West African Music

Yesterday evening French Academy students got the chance to experience the sounds of West African drums. In addition to learning about the scope of the French-speaking world, students also learned how to break it down, West African style.


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