Yet Another Full Day!

Yet another event-filled day has ended here at Pomona College! From classroom to activities time, this day has certainly been packed full of language fun! Chinese Academy students got to hit the sand for a game of “beach” volleyball… all that was missing was the ocean!

Quelle Soirée! (What a Night!)

Tonight all of our hard work and practice leading up to the World Expo paid off. The World Expo is a night for each academy to present artwork, dances, songs, videos and other cultural and academic projects to the faculty and students of the other academies. The assembly room was a lovely sea of blue, red and orange with students from all academies present. At the French academy, we began chanting our specific language cheers, thus inspiring other academies to perform their cheers as well while everyone waited for the World Expo to get underway.

Updated Calling Home Times (a Revision to the Revision)

Hello all,

We noted an error in the revised weekend calling home times published a few days ago on the blog and need to issue a new update.   Chinese and French will actually be calling home this Saturday, July 12 from 4:45pm-5:30pm and Spanish and Arabic will be calling home on Sunday, July 13 from 4:45pm-5:30pm.   These changes are necessary to accommodate the French and Chinese field trips on Sunday and for some logistics relating to student testing.   Our apologies for any confusion.


Mid-Week Check-In!

This week has been full of a variety of fun activities and classes. Whether it is an exciting game of ping pong with the Chinese Academy, the French Academy’s rejuvenating spa afternoon, an Arabic cooking lesson about perfecting the art of the falafel or moving to the beat of the merengue with the Spanish Academy,  this week has had something for every student to be excited about! The French Academy’s cooking class “Patisserie Francaise,” especially, has been having fun and learning lots about French cuisine and culture.

Bomba y Plena

As the sun once again sets over the Pomona College campus, the students in the Spanish Academy found themselves using the dance moves they have learned during their cultural activity time. Yesterday evening, the students danced the night away yet again in Edmunds Ballroom, this time perfecting their movements to bomba y plena. Heavy in percussion, this Puerto Rican music is perfect for dancing, and the students got a dance refresher from a professional instructor. Even some staff members decided to join in!

The Chinese Academy Is Ready for the World Expo!!!

Today, the Chinese Academy worked hard to prepare for the World Expo. In the morning assembly, Hsieh Laoshi led students in a song called “帶你回來 (dai ni huilai),” which literally means ‘bring you back’. In the afternoon, students rehearsed their dances, skits and Kung Fu performances. During the evening assembly, students applied what they learned in today’s class by preparing and performing short skits. The theme of the day was clothing, and the students were very creative. They imitated their teachers and some celebrities in their skits.

Mariachis Visit Swarthmore

The Spanish Academy recently had the pleasure of welcoming a Mariachi band for a very wonderful evening performance. Students truly enjoyed being introduced to this exciting style of music as some could be heard singing along with songs and a few were actually selected to dance with the band as well! All in all it was a great evening and everyone in attendance definitely left the performance with a smile on their face.

-Max Brazo, Program Assistant
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¡Multitud Instantánea! (Flash mob!)

The Spanish Academy’s Cultural Exploration class on Improvisational Theater surprised the rest of MMLA with a Flash Mob rendition of Shakira’s “La La La” at dinner Thursday night.
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