Granada: First Day of Class

Monday was a great first day of classes in Granada! The students had their first assembly, where the Residential Staff performed the Macarena and the students joined in. One student, Sam, was even kind enough to give a demonstration to the whole group! The students were then divided into their language classes to meet their Spanish teachers. After taking a walk throughout the city with their residential groups, they had their first language classes, where they discussed the Language Pledge. At lunch, they met the 9 Spanish students that will also be participating in the program.

Granada: Arrival to the program!

The students have finally arrived! After taking the bus from the Madrid airport to Granada, they got to the Academy on Sunday and sat down for lunch with their residential groups to start getting to know each other! After a few post-lunch icebreakers, the students participated in a scavenger hunt of the center to locate all of the important rooms and different areas that they´ll be using throughout the program, such as the infirmary, the classrooms, the rec room, and staff offices.

Granada: Welcome to the blog!

Saludos de España! My name is Bree, and I will be posting updates on this blog throughout the duration of the 2018 Granada Academy Program. I studied abroad at IES Granada in Spring 2016, and after graduating from the University of Michigan last year, I moved to Madrid to work as a high school English assistant.


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