Granada: Pool and Pre-Weekend Activities

The students started off their Friday with some morning assembly dancing then headed off to class. I stopped in Maria´s class, where the students were learning about different types of transportation in Granada, and Nuria´s class, where the task of the day was to write and later act out a role play. I later caught up with Nuria and Pilar´s students down in the city center where they were busy interacting with locals! In the last block of classes, each student had a one-on-one interview with their respective teacher to discuss their progress thus far in the program.

Granada: Costume Party and Talent Show

On Thursday the students had some great classes! Maria´s class went to Palacio Carlos V, practicing the subjunctive by describing the visit, while Pilar´s class practiced job interviews, Jose´s class learned how to write letters in Spanish, and Celia´s class finished up their projects about environmental issues in Spain. In the afternoon the groups participated in a wide variety of workshops. I attended the ceramics workshop, where we learned how to make “azulejos”, the ceramic tiles typical of this region of Spain.

Granada: Fourth of July in Frigiliana and Nerja

On Wednesday, we went to Nerja and Frigiliana! We had our own little Fourth of July celebration here in Spain, full of sun, sand, and ice cream. We first went to the town of Frigiliana, where we walked around the city and saw some spectacular views. Javier and Mario gave great tours of the town, and the students had some free time to explore. We then made our way to the beautiful caves of Nerja! The caves were discovered by a group of young locals in 1959, and in 1960 they were opened to the public.

Granada: Another Beautiful Day in Sunny Spain

We started out this beautiful Tuesday right! Some students went out for a run with teacher Jose, and others participated in a Zumba class with RAs Paula and Carmen! During class, Pilar’s group took a tour around Granada, and each student acted as a tour guide! They visited Palacio de los Cordova, Carmen de los Martires, Palacio de Carlos V, Parador de Granada, and Corral de Carbón. In the afternoon, RAs Alex and Angela held grammar and pronunciation workshops, and later on in the evening, the students went out to explore the city in small groups!

Granada: Cooking Class and Dinner in the City

Monday morning began with an assembly organized by RAs Alex and Laura about Spanish colloquial phrases. Today in Jose’s class, the students practiced job interviews with the Spanish students. In the afternoon, the students participated in a wide variety of workshops! I joined the cooking workshop, where we learned how to make tortilla de patatas and salmorejo. Flipping the tortilla was tricky, but the dishes turned out superb! RA Angela claimed that it was the best salmorejo that she had ever tasted.

Granada: Swimming Pool and Flamenco Show

This weekend was full of fun activities for the Granada group! On Saturday, students started off the morning with an intense game of musical chairs, followed by a few hours of class and an academic assembly where each class shared a project on Spanish culture that they had been working on this week. For example, Connor from Jose’s class gave a great explanation on the different types of Spanish greetings, and Chris (or should I say Alex Trebek) from Nuria's class acted as an excellent Jeopardy presenter. Then, in the afternoon, we went to the pool!

Granada: Cultural Exploration Field Trips

Instead of their normal classes, the students went on field trips to the Madre Coraje donation center and the Parque de las Ciencas science museum on Friday! Students that went to Madre Coraje lent a hand organizing donations and were a big help to the two elderly women who run the center. Students at the science museum explored an exhibit about the human body, visited a butterfly garden, and even saw some birds of prey. After lunch, the students elected a representative from each residential group to be a part of the student council!

Granada: Spanish Fiesta!

RAs Cova and Lucas started off Thursday morning by planning a fun assembly-activities included a massage line and learning a dance! Today students had their cultural exploration classes to prepare for trips to Parque de las Ciencias and the local food bank tomorrow. After lunch, some students attended the language intercambio or a pronunciation workshop, and the afternoon was spent preparing for the fiesta! Instead of their typical dinner and free time, the students had a Spanish fiesta, full of tortilla, tapas, and salsa dancing!

Granada: Presentation from Indalecio Lozano and Workshops

On Wednesday morning, some students went out for a run with Academic Directors Chema and Jenny, teachers Jose and Bree, and Residential Advisors Laura and Carmen. Others chose to participate in a Zumba class. Celia’s Spanish class interviewed the Spanish students about what types of things worry the youth of Spain. During the afternoon block of classes, they had a very interesting presentation from Indalecio Lozano, a University of Granada profesor, about algarabia de arabismos, or similarities between Arabic and Spanish.

Granada: Language Pledge® Ceremony and Welcome Dinner

Tuesday's assembly woke the kids up with a fun game planned by the Residential Staff, where the students had to eat a cookie without using their hands! After class, they had their first opportunity to participate in a language intercambio with the Spanish students. Some students also participated in a grammar workshop with Residential Advisor Angela.


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