German Academy Christmas Celebration and Field Trip Adventures!

In the third week of the program, our students have adjusted to Middlebury Interactive Languages Summer Academy life, and the German Academy has become a tight-knit community. It is amazing to see and hear the progress of the students’ language skills. 

German Academy Bromley Mountain Adventure

Today the German Academy ventured to Bromley Mountain Adventure Park! Students arrived at the park and started the day off with a nice hike up to the top of the Alpine Slide. We chose quite the ideal day to hike, as the views from the top were breathtaking! 

Welcome to the German Academy!

Dear Parents,

The Middlebury Interactive Languages Summer Academy is off to a wonderful start, and the German Academy is having a fantastic time! The staff enjoyed welcoming all the new students on arrival day and showing them their new home in North Hall.

German Academy Update from Britta Roper

Dear Parents,

It is already Friday, and another week with the Germany Academy has flown by! This past Sunday, the students celebrated the Fourth of July early by watching a stunning fireworks display in Poultney. The celebrations carried over into Monday when the students marched in the town parade. They carried the various flags of German-speaking countries and painted the German flag on their faces.

The Journey to Becoming Multilingual: Why Stop at Learning Just One World Language?

Having grown up in a strictly Spanish-speaking household, learned French in high school and now Arabic in college, I believe I have come to know a thing or two about the challenges and benefits to learning multiple languages. The advantage of studying French as a bilingual speaker of Spanish and English was substantial, but nothing compared to learning Arabic during college. Here is the story of how I managed to become multilingual.

Continuing Language Learning Through Course Building

Whether you want to speak to a long lost German relative, or finally be able to pronounce the names of your favorite German soccer stars (including but not limited to Bayern München), the inspiration for learning a new language is always worthwhile. As a course builder at Middlebury Interactive Languages, I have had the distinct pleasure to witness firsthand the transition of many people, from tepid speaker to near fluency. Each course, lesson and even activity that I build has been meticulously selected utilizing Middlebury’s pedagogical approach down to the very last Umlaut.

Why German is the Language of the Future

German is often considered the language of scientific communication, as scientists in the early 20th century would publish their findings in the German language. However, there are a few other reasons why German should be considered the language of the future. And no, I don't mean because German fans fell head over heels in love with David Hasselhoff (who in turn recorded songs in German)!

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