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What the German Academy did today: During a hearty breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, and pancakes students got to know each other and practiced their German skills! Then, they set out for STAMP Testing -- the exam that determines their academic placement within the academy. After a short break, students attended orientation sessions to learn about major rules and expectations, as well as tips for maximizing their learning here at MIL.

Maximizing Learning - from the Academic Directors

As part of the Student Orientation on Monday, the Directors of Academics, Clara Hoellerbauer and Theresa Bruns, worked with Academy students on understanding the differences between traditional language classrooms in schools and how we may approach things differently here at the Summer academy. The presentation informed the students of the program’s pedagogy and how the concepts of grammar and vocabulary are taught at the Academy, as well as how class levels and mastery may be unique here.

Welcome to SMC - A Message from the Academic Directors

Greetings from the Middlebury Interactive Languages Summer Academies at St. Michael’s College! We are Clara Hoellerbauer and Theresa Bruns, the Directors of Academics, at the Middlebury Interactive Languages Summer Academies. Clara will work with the academic staff of the Arabic, Chinese and German academies, and Theresa will support the French and Spanish academies in the same way.


Welcome to the German Academy Blog

This will be where we write blogs about what Academy students have been up to this summer.

We look forward to having your child at the Academy!

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