Le Temps Libre: So Many Choices!

Activity time on Tuesday afternoon for the French Academy provided a few students with rousing competition and calming relaxation for others. Some students chose to release their artistic expression through decorating the French Academy banner with depictions of the Eiffel Tower and catchy French slogans. Across the street, peace and serenity were in order as wide-eyed students witnessed how their assembly room had been transformed into a space reminiscent of Parisian spa.

Pardonnez-Moi! Learning French Social Conventions

The French Academy beat the heat again with almost half of the students spending their activity period at the pool for a well-deserved dip after a long day of classes. The theme of the day began at morning assembly where students debated the importance of using vous  instead of tu when addressing a police officer. Conversations did not stop there though as the cafeteria buzzed with discussion on the topic of the day, social do’s and don’ts. Students were especially careful to accompany each burp and belch with a pardon.


The French Academy emerged victorious from this years Field Day Games!!!! ALLEZ LES FRANÇAIS!!! Although we are only 45 people strong (the smallest academy of the three) we kept the lead in the Olympics the entire day!!! We started in the morning by making posters and painting our faces with French flags and blue face paint (our team spirit was incredible) as our fanatiques led cheers for everyone to practice. In the activities, our team dominated the pool, field events, talent show and cheering competitions.

Très Chic

After a busy (and victorious!) weekend, the French Academy settled back into its daily routine and kicked off the week with the help of an impromptu fashion show, a wide variety of presentations and a recommitment to the Language Pledge®.

Happy Fourth of July!

Today students started their day with a years worth of cultural celebrations packed into
half an hour, getting a glimpse of some cultural festivities that are celebrated in France 
and French speaking countries, including a count down to the New Year, masks for 

My Culture + French Culture = A love for French!

Monsieur Corey’s French class put a culinary spin on the idea, comparing the cuisine in France proper to that of other French-speaking countries. Students created posters and shared them with the class highlighting the similarities and differences between the foods from linguistically common but geographically diverse locations. This activity really helped to hit home the idea of differing cultural identities, maintaining a fun and cooperative atmosphere all the while!

-Nick Anderson
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Bon Voyage! The French Academy Goes Traveling

As today’s theme was traveling, we started off the day in morning assembly with a guessing game involving various francophone countries and territories. The most difficult part for the students to figure out was certainly La Nouvelle Caledonie, despite its being the home of Etienne, our language director. The day ended with a similar activity as the evening assembly included a student-organized game in which spectators had to figure out what film was being discussed based on a number of hints.

French Academy Experiences Polynesian Dance

French Academy students were greeted in traditional Polynesian fashion as they entered the pavilion for their evening showcase of Polynesian dancing. The dances that were performed are traditionally from French-speaking areas of the Pacific. Aside from being entertaining, the evening focused on teaching French Academy students about Polynesian culture and about how widely French is spoken. As a whole, the event was a relaxing break from the usual hectic nature of MMLA and left audience members dreaming of islands in the sun.

-Lindsay Call, Program Assistant

French Academy Updates!

We noticed (as have you!) that the French Academy deserved some TLC on our blog. And here it comes in photographic form!


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