Connecting Communities with Place-Based Language Education

That is a really wonderful reason to teach a language; you are preserving heritage and a connection to the past; it connects our second, third, fourth generation descendants of French Canadians to their current families and their own heritage” (M. Baughman, 2014).

The human language is a complex system that heavily relies on social conventions and culture. Place-based education is increasingly important, as illustrated below through an example of how language is bringing together generations of families in a neighborhood community.

Cooking in Language: Madeleine

Cooking is a fun way to learn new vocabulary, grammar and learn more about a culture through its food. The following is a family recipe for Madeleines, a traditional small French cake, that I hope you enjoy!
Madeleine Recipe in French

The Journey to Becoming Multilingual: Why Stop at Learning Just One World Language?

Having grown up in a strictly Spanish-speaking household, learned French in high school and now Arabic in college, I believe I have come to know a thing or two about the challenges and benefits to learning multiple languages. The advantage of studying French as a bilingual speaker of Spanish and English was substantial, but nothing compared to learning Arabic during college. Here is the story of how I managed to become multilingual.

The Importance of Bastille Day

Today, France is celebrating July 14, better known as Bastille Day or Le quatorze juillet. Even though there are over 50 U.S. cities that conduct annual celebrations, few events emphasis the history behind the French holiday. I hope to shed some light on the importance of Bastille Day both for its history and personal significance to me and other native French speakers. 
The History of Bastille Day

Cooking in Language: Tarte Tatin Recipe

Cooking is a great way to learn about different cultures. Below is a recipe for Tarte Tatin, a French dish that is similar to apple pie, but with one crucial difference—it is upside down! Legend has it that this dish was actually a mistake. One day, the Tatin sisters nearly burned some apples in the pan and, to save them, placed the pastry on top. They then flipped the dish over and served it to their guests warm. Whatever the story, the dish was a success, and it has become a popular dessert in France.

Bastille Day Festivities!

Bonne fête nationale à tous! Sunday was Bastille Day or more often referred to as Le quatorze juillet. Just ten days ago, all academies had a great time celebrating the Fourth of July and this weekend, the French Academy got to celebrate France’s national holiday with plenty of cultural exploration!

Sneak Peak: Academy French Performance!

The French Academy is in for a treat tonight! They will have a special guest, Élie Gagné, who will perform his popular Québec hits!  We were able to go inside and get a sneak peek exclusive just for you all! Enjoy!

More photos to come…

-Delandris, Office Manager

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Quelle Soirée! (What a Night!)

Tonight all of our hard work and practice leading up to the World Expo paid off. The World Expo is a night for each academy to present artwork, dances, songs, videos and other cultural and academic projects to the faculty and students of the other academies. The assembly room was a lovely sea of blue, red and orange with students from all academies present. At the French academy, we began chanting our specific language cheers, thus inspiring other academies to perform their cheers as well while everyone waited for the World Expo to get underway.

Lights. Camera. Improv!

The French Academy today had a very full schedule! Students started off the day by practicing for the World Expo where they will show off our French dance to the other academies. Everyone can’t stop humming along to our new favorite song Onest là. During activity time our students made friendship bracelets, cooled off in the pool and went into town to enjoy some downtime after a full morning of classes. In the evening, we were lucky to have a French improv expert come and teach a seminar to us!


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