Why the Vermont World Language Initiative Matters

In 2013, Middlebury Interactive Languages joined forces with Middlebury College to create the Vermont World Language Initiative, which provides 29 Vermont schools with access to MIL courses and free professional development, subsidized by Middlebury College, for teachers. Both Middlebury Interactive Languages and Middlebury College saw the Initiative as a great chance to expand world language education to more Vermont students.

New Approach Needed for English Language Learners

In March, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan published an op-ed on the need to support “the estimated 4.6 million students learning English” in American schools. The piece, co-written with Libia S.

The Power of Immersion Across All Languages

Did you know that Middlebury Interactive teaches seven different languages to K-12 students?  Between our summer language academies and our online language courses, we offer Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish and English. Yes, that’s right, English. 

Summer Fun: A New Language Acquisition Model for English Language Learning Students

As the number of immigrant families in the United States increases significantly each year, educators often struggle with the problem of providing adequate language instruction for the ever-growing population of non-native, English Language Learners (ELL). 

New Spanish Blended Learning Program in Baltimore Sees Early Success

Extensive research shows that language instruction is most effective at a young age. Learning a new language also has wide-ranging benefits to a developing brain, including boosts in creativity, empathy and academic achievement, among other things.

New Model for English Language Learners Needed in U.S. Schools

Immigration has been a hot button issue for decades and, while Washington continues to play partisan politics, local school districts are struggling to address the challenges created by the influx of these new students, most of whom come from households where English is not the primary language.

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