But, Everyone Speaks English!

As language educators, we often find ourselves in the position of defending our profession. For most of us, the following phrase is like fingernails across a chalkboard: “Everyone speaks English, so why do I have to learn [insert language here]?”

First, it is simply not true. Native speakers of English make up only about five percent of the world’s population. The total number of people who speak English as a first or second language is a mere 11.8 percent. Clearly, not everyone speaks English.

Welcome to Beijing!

We are happy to announce that all students attending the 2014 MMLA Beijing Academy have arrived safely! Luckily, there were no real flight issues and even traffic from the airport back to campus was on our side - not very common here in Beijing.

Why I Chose to Come to MMLA

Growing up in a bilingual household and having studied Mandarin Chinese since the age of five, I can’t remember a time when language learning wasn’t a part of my life. I love the challenges presented by learning a new language and the feeling of being connected to a culture entirely different from my own.


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