Safety and Support Abroad at the Language Academy

Study Abroad: Safety & Security

Students’ health, safety and well-being is our highest priority.

The Middlebury Interactive Summer Academy places the health, safety and security of participants as our top priority. We provide students and their families with comprehensive information and resources prior to and during all our programs. As an educational provider we understand parents’ desire to provide cultural and linguistic experiences in an environment that is both safe and supportive.

Health and safety protocols are critical components of our program planning, operations, and on-site activities.

  • Preparing staff, students and families by providing extensive information on all topics related to safety and security through resources and our Cultural and Academic Orientation.
  • Monitoring proactively all socioeconomic, political, environmental, and medically related areas of concern that may impact participants in any way. Information is gathered from government sources including embassies and consulates, nongovernmental organizations, local and international news outlets, and in-country contacts we have established.
  • Communicating on a day to day basis. International program directors are in constant contact with our domestic staff in the United States, ensuring that we are working collaboratively and assiduously to optimize student safety and security.
  • Responding to any security, health, or safety concerns in a proactive way. Plans can always be changed according to any arising situations and staff are trained to act preemptively.