Curriculum & Daily Schedule in Nantes

Learn about what a typical day looks like at the French Academy in Nantes

You’ll begin each day in Nantes by catching up with friends in the cafeteria over breakfast. Afterwards, the Academy will come together for a Morning Assembly, where staff will catch you up on special events, introduce new vocabulary, and get everyone energized for another fun day. You may hear the weather forecast, do some stretching or yoga, learn new slang, watch funny music videos, practice tongue twisters, or play a game.

Following Morning Assembly, you will move to your language class. Classes meet for three 50-minute blocks with breaks in between. Our program in Nantes uses the same proven immersion teaching methodology as our academies in Vermont. You will spend about three hours each weekday in French language classes, where you’ll be placed with students at the same level as you. Each week, a new theme guides classroom conversations and lessons.


Week 1: Introduction to France

Week 2: Getting to know Nantes

Week 3: Local Cuisine & Culinary Exploration

Week 4: Art and Culture in Nantes


Many days, your classes will include excursions into the city, so you can put your French into practice right away! These excursions will also link back to the weekly and daily themes, so you’ll be able to connect between the curriculum and the city.

After lunch comes Cultural Exploration, followed by afternoon activities — think sports like soccer, ultimate Frisbee, or volleyball; yoga, visiting a local cafe or ice cream shop, arts and crafts, juggling, or free time. Students will use this time to grab a cat nap, hang out with their friends, hit the gym, or practice their musical instruments. Then comes dinner, after which you may be one of the many seen enjoying some down time on the campus green.

Evening activities are organized and run by teachers and REs. You’ll attend student club gatherings, performances, and movies after dinner. Evening Assembly will also take place once a week. Here, your whole Academy gathers and each class presents what they have been learning that week. This presentation might be a skit, a song, a game you’ve designed with classmates that you teach the others in your Academy, a fashion show, or a game show — it’s a chance to be daring and creative in sharing your learning.

You will wrap up your day with a light snack in the dorm and a meeting with your Living Group to talk about how the day went and what to expect tomorrow.

Weekends at the Academy are less busy, allowing you time to sleep in, relax, do laundry, write letters, and hang out with your friends. You’ll participate in longer day trips on weekends, visiting sites in and around Nantes.