Beijing Environmental Concerns

Your child’s health and safety are your top priorities and they’re ours, too. We are proactive in addressing pollution ensuring your child has the best experience possible.

A large metropolitan area, Beijing is a bustling city filled with industry, transport, and business. As the country works to develop their green economy, they are still adjusting to rapid growth particularly in urban areas. Our study abroad partners, CET, have worked in Beijing for over thirty years and monitor daily pollution levels in the area, take preventative measures, and act responsively to any atmospheric changes in accordance with recommendations from the United States Embassy in Beijing. Here’s how:

  • Classroom spaces are connected to dorms limiting exposure on poor air quality days.
  • Outdoor events and physical activity are limited on any days with elevated pollution levels. Staff have alternate plans always at the ready in case of a change in scheduling.
  • The Academy is scheduled during a time of the year when pollution is less of an issue due to the weather and climatic conditions.
  • Staff monitors pollution levels on a daily basis. Information is updated hourly on the State Department’s website for your reference.

If your child has respiratory issues, please contact Jane Young, our Health and Wellness Consultant, to determine if their participation is advisable: