Student Handbooks

Student Handbooks

Extensive Information on What to Expect from the Academy Experience

Before attending the Academy, we require all students and parents to read our program handbook. Handbooks for each site contain extensive information on what to expect from the Academy experience. Our handbooks include important details on:

  • The Academy's mission and goals
  • Contact information for each site
  • An overview and frequently asked questions about the Language Pledge®
  • Accommodations, meals, laundry and housekeeping
  • Packing for four weeks
  • How to keep in touch during the program
  • Staff members, including the administrative, academic and residential life teams
  • Health and safety at the Academy
  • Community standards and our code of conduct
  • Student disability accommodations

U.S.-Based Immersion Program Handbooks

2018 Saint Michael's College Handbook—Now Available!*

2018 Green Mountain College Handbook—Now Available!*

Study Abroad Program Handbooks

2018 Nantes Academy Handbook—Now Available!*

2018 Granada Academy Handbook—Now Available!

2018 Salamanca Academy Handbook—Now Available!

2018 Beijing Academy Handbook—Now Available!

*IMPORTANT: The emergency contact number has been changed for these handbooks. The correct number is now reflected in the indicated handbooks.