Support System at the Language Academy

Your Child’s Support System

Learn more about our staff members who will offer support outside of the classroom setting.

Language immersion is not easy... It's a challenge to live daily life, attend classes and make new friends in a new language. However, four weeks of immersion language learning is something your child will take pride in, especially once he or she starts thinking and dreaming in language, which many Academy students says happens before the end of the program.

Our staff acknowledges that language learning has its ups and downs. The large majority of our staff, whether teachers inside the classroom setting, residential educators in the dorms or activity coordinators or program assistants in our summer site offices, have spent time immersed in language... many have been Academy students themselves and have taught at the Academy summer after summer. They share your child’s passion for language and culture and know how challenging 24/7 immersion can be. We train all staff members to support students and help students successfully complete the program, gaining tangible language gains in four weeks.

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