Health and Safety at the Language Academy

Health & Safety

At the language Academy, student health and safety is our top priority.

Each program in the U.S. or abroad is led by trained faculty and staff, all experienced in working with middle and high school students. There is also an on-site health office with a nurse available at all times, a local medical clinic if a physician is needed and a hospital for emergencies nearby.

All of our faculty and staff undergo background checks conducted by a third-party organization that specializes in staffing for youth programs. As a student, you must complete medical forms before attending the Academy. When filling out a medical form, please be specific about any conditions we need to be aware of.

The Academy stays in close touch with parents and guardians if a child needs special assistance during the session. Parental advice and input is always welcome concerning an individual’s medical needs.

To ensure students' safety, students are supervised by faculty members and residential staff whether on campus or off, at all times. Residential advisors live in the dorms with the students, will supervise outings in town and will also go on long-distance runs with students who need to stay in shape for school.