Communicating with Your Child at the Academy

Communicating with Your Child

How to maintain contact with your son or daughter during the Academy.

To maintain our full-immersion environment and help your son or daughter make the most of the language experience, students will have limited access to cell phones and technology during the four-week Academy session. Each week during designated call-home times, students can call or Skype family members and friends, as well as check in on social media.

In addition to the tremendous language gains students realize through minimizing their exposure to English, students (and parents!) often remark on the transformative impact the pre-college Academy experience has on personal growth, independence and maturity. With that said, we know that not communicating with your son or daughter might be challenging for you. As such, we have a team of program assistants and bloggers who will regularly capture the happenings at the Academy and post photos and blog updates daily on the Academy blog. We encourage you to follow along!

Parents are always welcome to call us with any questions or concerns. Our Academy staff will return phone calls within 24 hours—unless it’s an emergency, in which case we will respond as quickly as possible.