Cultural Events - Chinese Fan Dance

Cultural & Social Events

Special organized events give students a chance to make new friends at the Academy.

There are a host of Academy-wide events that take place during your four weeks at the Academy. Whether you are competing against other language groups in various activities or socializing as a full Academy group, it’s a great chance to meet other people from all over the world with varied and interesting backgrounds.

Academy Field Day

This is the Academy’s version of “Color War” if you’ve ever attended summer camp. You get to compete against other language Academy groups in both athletic and non-athletic events, while staying in-language with your own group. You’ll wear the colors of your Academy group and cheer on your teammates from the sidelines. It’s a great time to bond and a great team-building experience.


The Academy brings world-class performers and performances to your doorstep. In many situations, you also have the opportunity to be an active participant in the events. Dancers, musicians and artisans are all culturally relevant to your target language and are recognized professionals in their own art forms. Performance are sometimes interactive, always fascinating and tend to receive high marks for being one of the most entertaining part of a busy month of activities.

World Expo Night

A major culminating experience during the last week of the Academy is the World Expo.This is your chance to share your language and cultural learning with your fellow students. Dance performances, singing, skits, historical re-enactments, vocabulary games, cooking special dishes—the sky is the limit. World Expo is a wonderful way to come together as a community. It is as much about sharing your own experience and learnings as it is about enjoying what others have learned and experienced during the Academy.