Student Life

Student Life

Our immersive community supports students’ commitment to living in language—in the classroom, in the dorms and everywhere in between.

If you’ve read about our Language Pledge® by now, you are likely feeling that “staying in language” 100% of every minute of every day is probably a daunting task. It’s certainly a challenge, but not one that you have to do alone. The first week or so is a combination of exciting, frustrating, awkward, annoying, exhilarating, encompassing…and yes, challenging.

But the Academy community is one that fosters and supports inclusivity, respect for others, multiculturalism, integrity, personal responsibility and the idea that being resilient when faced with a challenge is an opportunity to grow.

And let’s not forget the fun! The academic and residential staff is fully committed to creating an experience that is as memorable and enjoyable as it is challenging and rewarding. It’s a team effort. And we do it all together.

Chinese Academy - Tai Chi

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Typical Day at the Language Academy

Your Typical Day

See what a day in the life of an Academy student looks like.

Academy Student in Dining Hall

Housing & Dining

At the Academy, students get a taste for campus life by living in dorms and eating meals at the college dining hall.

Residential Advisors at the Language Academy

Who Are the RAs?

Learn more about the support network for students outside of the classroom setting.

Cultural Events - Chinese Fan Dance

Cultural & Social Events

Special organized events give students a chance to make new friends at the Academy.

Samantha Harper German Academy Student

Student Profiles

Meet students who have experienced a summer of “living the language” at the Academy.

Talking to Family and Friends

Talking to Family & Friends

How can students stay in touch with family and friends during the Academy?

What to Pack for the Academy

What to Pack

Our list of must-have items to pack for four weeks of language immersion.

Parent Information for Language Academy Students

Parent Information

You can have confidence in the quality of our summer immersion program and the safety of your son or daughter.

Policies at the Summer Language Academy

Handbooks & Policies

Find copies of our student handbooks for each Academy and review our policies on the Language Pledge®, technology and more.

“That’s where the real learning comes in. Just being completely surrounded by Spanish.”

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