Summer Academy Blog


Spanish Academy visits a bakery!
July 16, 2016

  Last weekend we visited a bakery in Alfacar, a small town close to the city of Granada. Alfacar is widely regarded as having the best bread in the whole province, so we decided to go there to learn the secrets of its popular flavor. After... read more

Finally, Saturday!

French students at the dance
July 16, 2016

After a busy week, students—from both Academies—enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, in which there were no obligations or assignments that called for their intellectual exertion. Most students took their time in the morning, leisurely getting dressed and... read more

Clubs in Québec!

Student sport clubs
July 16, 2016

We have an amazingly energetic team of educators, leading students in original club activities. There are for clubs available to students, weekly: Improv  Singing The news/Bulletin board Sports  Every Tuesday evening, students... read more

Students visit Village Vacances Valcartier, a water slide paradise!

Students at Village Vacances Valcartier!
July 16, 2016

Village Vacances Valcartier is a water slides paradise, 30 minutes away from the Laval University.  Our students experienced it the whole day.   The weather was on our side: it was sunny and warm from the beginning to the end of the filed... read more

Spanish Students Visit Middlebury College!

Spanish students pose for a photo at Middlebury College
July 16, 2016

Today, students from the Spanish Academy took a trip north to visit the campus of Middlebury College! We enjoyed a Flamenco performance and toured the beautiful Middlebury campus. An afternoon thunderstorm sent students to the Field House for some... read more