Summer Academy Blog

The Long Weekend Continues

Zumba time!
July 17, 2016

On this immaculate Sunday, students from both Academies enjoyed their second day off, which is only two thirds of their weekend, since there are no classes tomorrow—both Academies embark on field trips for the day in lieu of a full day of classes!... read more

The process of cooking and eating Salmorejo—A cultural experience in the kitchen

Spanish Academy students cook!
July 17, 2016

One of the most important aspects of culture is food. What and how we eat is very important. Cooking is a quintessential part of our lives, and we know that besides tasting, eating, and cooking are also some of the funniest activities you can do when you... read more

Another Happy Day in Québec!

Québec students have another great day!
July 17, 2016

It started with a display of delicious food brought by our team leaders.  We had French croissants, chocolate croissants (chocolatines in Québec), crêpes, strawberries, coffee, melon, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, brie and chèvre cheeses, fresh... read more

Beijing Academy Student Posts from July 17!

Beijing Academy students
July 17, 2016

Read these recent student posts from the Bejing Academy!   Kamran We began today with a little confusion over when we were supposed to leave, but were soon on our way to see the bird’s nest Olympic stadium and the aqua cube Olympic... read more

Singing, Chalk Art and Volleyball

Arabic Academy practicing for the upcoming World Expo Night!
July 17, 2016

Arabic students have been making the most of their activity period and free time lately by exploring activities such as chalk drawing, friendship bracelet making, henna tattoos and volleyball.