Summer Academy Blog

Top Ten Moments from Week Two!

July 9, 2017

And another amazing week here at Green Mountain College has come to an end! Although every moment here at our campus of the MIL Summer Academy is precious, I thought it would be interesting to really show off ten of the coolest things that happened in the... read more

A Field Day for the Books! Colchester 2017

July 8, 2017

Today was all about competition, spirit and passion. With both the St. Michael's and Green Mountain campuses united as one, students from all academies took part in a Field Day of Olympic proportions. Thanks to the efforts of Activities Coordinators... read more

Meet Chris, Your GMC Social Media Intern

July 7, 2017

My name is Chris, and I am the Social Media Intern here at Green Mountain College this summer. For the past 12 days, I've been updating the blog here with updates from GMC, as well as our Facebook Page. Because I'll be hosting the Facebook Live... read more

For the Love of Art!

July 6, 2017

It was another great day here at Green Mountain College today! The sky was clear, the squirrels were hopping, and students were once again excited for another fun day of language immersion! Although the academies again took part in their own activities... read more

Culture Outside the Classroom: Evening Activities at GMC

July 5, 2017

Although the average focus of a student's day here at MIL is spent on classes and cultural exploration (CE) activities, there is a part of their day that is often understated. It varies quite a lot from day to day, but is often just as or even more... read more