Summer Academy Blog

Activity Spotlight: Chinese Academy Street Fairs!

July 13, 2017

After two days of intense field trips, students here at Green Mountain College were happy to just have a nice day on campus! And while they may have still been exhausted, they took back to their classes and studies with the same enthusiasm with which they... read more

A Visit to Beijing's Hutongs and Student Performances

July 13, 2017

Jordan H: After eating breakfast, the MIL students attended their three hours of classes, where they learned about historical locations in China as well as how to describe their places around them. After going out to lunch at some of Beijing’s great... read more

The German Academy's Middlebury Adventure

July 12, 2017

Well, today was another busy day of field trips here at MIL! After watching the French and Chinese academies leave for field trips yesterday, the German Academy was definitely psyched for their own trip to Middlebury College today. The excitement in... read more

Adventures Galore, Field Trips and More!

July 11, 2017

The fun is continuing on here at Green Mountain College! After almost two and a half weeks, the students from the French, German, and Chinese Academies have really adapted to life here at MIL. It has been amazing to watch these communities come together... read more

Student Spotlight with Victor Dimitrov

July 10, 2017

Hello friends, family members, and followers of the MIL Summer Academy Green Mountain College blog! Today I'll be sharing the first of hopefully several interviews I'll be having with students about their experiences here. Today's converation... read more